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Who We Are

We stand behind positive change in construction.

Sitemetric’s mission is to stand behind positive change in construction.

Since our founding in 2018, Sitemetric has consistently stood behind the forward-leaning owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and workers driving change in the toughest areas of construction.

Our customers have reinvented how critical areas of construction operate, spanning workforce, safety, security, reporting, communications, logistics, and more. With offerings like smart badging, real-time location systems, mass texting, access control, field support, and more, we’ve partnered on driving some of the industry’s highest-impact innovations.

Based on our commitment, Sitemetric has forged a reputation as the construction technology that unwaveringly invests in and supports customers. Whether we’re collaboratively building prototypes from their simple napkin sketches, scaling new services across their projects, or taking their urgent calls at midnight, customers count on us to roll up our sleeves and have their back, no matter what.

This all-in mentality comes from our founder, Patrick Thomas, a 40-year construction veteran who pioneered innovative field technologies, such as the industry’s first automated labor documentation system. Patrick knew what it was like to have big ideas, and understood the large-scale support needed, so he founded Sitemetric to give fellow changemakers the technology and other resources they need to succeed.

Since then, thousands of companies and workers nationwide have experienced what it’s like for Sitemetric to have their back. Now, as we keep evolving, we’ll stay committed to our core principles of delivering customers ever-increasing value, ever-improving experience, operational excellence, and innovation, all as part of our mission to stand behind every positive change in construction.

"People in construction have so many bold ideas that never make it to the field. I founded Sitemetric to change that."

Patrick Thomas
Founder & President

Our Principles

Customer value.

We always strive to deepen the value that customers receive when they work with us.

Customer experience.

We always strive to improve the overall experience that customers have when they work with us.

Operational excellence.

We always search for new ways to drive the most leverage for customers.


We always solve the hardest problems onsite that will yield the most operational leverage for customers.

Our Values

We put construction first.

We always start with what the construction environment needs. We never throw pre-packaged solutions over the fence.

We hustle for the customer.

We always do more than what is expected of us from the customer. We never stop at the bare minimum.

We always remain coachable.

We always seek to improve ourselves in every interaction and task we complete. We never act like we know it all.

Come positively change construction with us.

We are a group of people who are unafraid to dream big and act even bigger. Our people are never content with “good enough” and are always going above and beyond. There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you have the drive.

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