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Real-Time Location System

Make real-time decisions with confidence.

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Know what you need to know when it matters most.

Know who's on your site to maximize safety and security.

Identify all workers onsite in any situation.
Maintain comprehensive security and access control.
Third-party real-time workforce verification.
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Know where the work is happening to stay on the critical path.

Proactively coordinate high-priority work activities in real-time.
Get ahead of safety and security issues.
Automated, targeted location alerts.
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We deploy, monitor, and manage it all.

Rapid 3-7 day deployment times, even on short notice.
We manage your badge and equipment fleet.
We adapt to your project needs.
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Field leaders nationwide trust Sitemetric RTLS.

"Sitemetric is awesome. Really enjoyed working with you guys."
Walker Reed
“Sitemetric’s workforce stuff is the most amazing stuff I have ever had the privilege of putting on my site. There’s simply no other stuff like it in construction.”
Mike Sullivan
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