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A badge of distinction in the field.

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Set a standard of identification and ownership onsite.

Free and speedy worker registration.

Completely free, no hidden costs.
Register in under 30 seconds.
Practically admin-free.
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Get instantly badged. No wait at the gate.

Fastest badging process in the industry.
An essential part of PPE.
Always-on multi-verification system.
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Workers show up in the reports the same day they get badged.

Completely free, no hidden costs.
Instant access across devices.
Share easily with others.
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Field leaders nationwide trust Sitemetric Badging.

"Sitemetric is great. But I work here so I have to say that. But really, they are great!"
Addison Fuller
Product Developer
"Sitemetric is awesome. Really enjoyed working with you guys."
Walker Reed
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