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Keep everyone safe at all times.

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Build the strongest
safety culture.

A badge that completes your PPE.

Immediately identify workers in emergencies.
Instantly verify worker safety credentials.
One badge works across all sites.
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Verify safety credentials and simplify orientation.

Pre-clear and onboard workers before they arrive to site.
Fully managed safety credentials database.
Instantly verify credentials in the field.
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Control the chaos of emergency mustering.

Immediately identify everyone in danger.
Triple-redundant system ensures performance.
Automated, real-time documentation of safety events.
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Field leaders nationwide trust Sitemetric Safety.

"Sitemetric is awesome. Really enjoyed working with you guys."
Walker Reed
“Sitemetric’s workforce stuff is the most amazing stuff I have ever had the priveledge of putting on my site. There’s simply no other stuff like it in construction.”
Reagan Ramsey
Project Coordinator
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